Chinese Herbal Medicine Combined Conventional Chemotherapy Regimens in Advanced Recurrent Breast Mammary Carcinoma.

Hu et al., (2013) reported one successful case of “GP” regimen of combining chemotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine decoction (“lung description”) for breast cancer with lung and bone metastases. A second-line chemotherapy regimen of GP (cisplatin + gemcitabine) was applied. In the meantime, they administered Chinese herbal medicine (Fei Decoction, mixed with a variety of effective herbal components) to help her recover from the poor condition.

The tumour markers (CEA, CA15-3) had dramatically decreased to the normal range. Both lung and bone metastatic sites reduced according to CT and ECT imaging, and this patient felt free from the complaint of pulmonary and cardiac discomfort. The quality of life has been greatly improved, and the PFS (Progression-Free-Survival) and TTP (Time-to-Progression) have been prolonged from the onset to date.

Conclusions: In the course of this combined treatment, it has been shown that Chinese herbal medicine played an important role in the therapy of breast mammary carcinoma.

Therefore, Chinese herb may turn out to be an additional choice with its better benefits and tolerability in the treatment of recurrent breast mammary carcinoma.

Hu M, Chen RZ, Zhu LL et al. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 2013, 4, 1506-1512.

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