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Eastern Medicine: From Nutritional Supplements to Cancer Research

Source Dominic P. Lu, Yemeng Chen, Lixian Xu, and Leo M. Lee. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Volume 2014 (2014) Throughout human history, complementary and alternative medicine in the form of folk medicine has emerged and flourished in every civilization, tribe, and continent. Some forms evolved to become traditional medicine and some disappeared to […]

Ginseng Enhances the Effects of 5-FU and Irinotecan in Human Colon Cancer Cells

5-FU (5-fluorouracil) and irinotecan are two chemotherapeutic agents widely used for colorectal cancer (Pinedo and Peters, 1988; Smorenburg et al., 2006). We evaluated the synergistic tumoricidal effects of ginseng on 5-FU and irinotecan in various human colorectal cancer cell lines, SW-480, HCT-116 and HT-29. We observed that the ginseng extract significantly inhibited cancer cell growth […]