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The limitations of randomized controlled trials

Daniel Weber PhD, MSc. 01/03/2012 History James Lind undertook the first comparative clinical trial in history in 1747, in the treatment of scurvy. Following this trial, Claude Bernard published the general bases of modern experimental medicine in 1865. However, it is the development of new drugs and the evolution of methodological concepts that led to […]

Evidence-Based Medicine; what is it, how does it work and what does it tell us about our medicine?

Professor Daniel Weber, PhD; MSc Introduction To speak of “alternative” medicine is, as Pietroni (1992) has pointed out, like talking about foreigners-both terms are vaguely pejorative and refer to large, heterogeneous categories defined by what they are not rather than by what they are. The analogy is apt: the current worldwide trend away from suspicion […]

I am here with Professor Chen Changqing

I am here with Professor Chen Changqing, editor of Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines. I highly recommend this journal, please go to <> for very solid research. It is a well done journal and worthy of many visits. I was recently in Tianjin, where I have been appointed visiting Professor at Tianjin University. The […]