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Characterization of Antiestrogenic Activity of the Chinese Herb, Prunella vulgaris (PV), Using In Vitro and In Vivo (Mouse Xenograft) Models

Source Collins NH, Lessey EC, DuShell CD, McDonnell DP, et al. Biol Reprod. Feb 2009; 80(2): 375–383. Nov 5, 2008. doi: 10.1095/biolreprod.107.065375

Antitumor effect of traditional Chinese herbal medicines against lung cancer

Chen Y, Zhu J, Zhang W. Anticancer Drugs. 2014 Jun 2. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCHM) is used widely alone or in combination with chemotherapy to treat lung cancer in China. Meta-analysis of clinical trials of TCHM against lung cancer suggested the potential, but not confirmed therapeutic effect. To gain detailed insight into the anti-lung […]

The Molecular Mechanisms of Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHENG Syndromes on Pancreatic Tumor Growth

Background Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndromes (ZHENG in Chinese) are the abstraction from the comprehensive analysis of clinical information gained by the four main diagnostic TCM methods: observation, listening, questioning, and pulse analyses. Proper TCM diagnosis is the most important principle to guide the prescribing of Chinese herbs.