I am here with Professor Chen Changqing

I am here with Professor Chen Changqing, editor of Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines. I highly recommend this journal, please go to <http://www.tiprpress.com/chmen/ch/index.aspx> for very solid research. It is a well done journal and worthy of many visits.
I was recently in Tianjin, where I have been appointed visiting Professor at Tianjin University. The research facilities are outstanding and I envy their laboratories. They even have their own HPLC! Research in PRC points the way for the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western bio-medicine. It is possible to maintain the integrity of both disciplines and advance the healing arts exponentially.
Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHM) is an official international quarterly journal sponsored by Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. It is the first professional periodical in the Chinese materia medica field that published in English. The initial issue was distributed in October, 2009.
The editorial committee is composed of 49 experts, of which 10 are academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 19 are foreigners. The editor-in-chief is Academician XIAO Pei-gen, the founder of pharmacophylogenetics, associate editors-in-chief are Academician LIU Chang-xiao, Prof. TANG Li-da, and Prof. CHEN Shi-lin.
CHM’s purpose is to provide a forum for the studies on Chinese herbal medicines, traditional medicines, and natural products. The journal will accept the following contributions: research articles, review papers, short communications, letters to the editor, book reviews, conference announcements, and information, etc. The journal includes the studies on active ingredients and complex formulations of herb medicines in medicinal resource, phytochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, and therapeutic function by experimental and clinical trials. It is the interest of this journal to introduce the latest development in pharmaceutical sciences to readers.
Daniel Weber

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Daniel meeting Professor Chen Changqing

Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs (CTHD), published by Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines, has just won the highest honor of publishing field in China—the publication award from the government of China. The 2nd award has just been promulgated and 20 kinds of journals (10 belongs to science and technology journals and other 10 to social science ones) were honored for the first time. CTHD was first put out in 1970 and has been playing a great role in Chinese materia medica (CMM), especially in its present modernization. CTHD has successively won several honors in recent years, such as the 2nd State Journal Award (the highest award of journal) at the beginning of 2003; the nominated Third State Journal Award in 2005; Excellent Journals of China in 2008; the honor of 100 Excellent Academic Periodicals of China for continued six times from 2005 to 2010; the most effective journal of the past 60 years in China in 2009; and another award―the 2nd publication award from the government of China in 2011. Nowadays, there are four journals publishing in Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines, they are CTHD, Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHM), Drugs & Clinic (DC), and Drug Evaluation Research (DER). The initial issue of CHM was first published in 2009 with the purpose to provide a forum for the studies on Chinese herbal medicines, traditional medicines, and natural products, as well as greatly promote the internationalization of CMM. DER provides a forum for the studies on evaluation research of drug criterion, drug safety, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, clinical, and marketed drugs, etc. DC mainly focuses on the domestic and foreign plant medicine development, biological medicine, chemistry medicine, and the Chinese nature medicine, and integrates the medicinal research and the clinical medication. Tanking CTHD as good example, the four journals publishing in Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines will follow the step of CTHD and make the press more influential both at home and abroad!

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