Working Medicine; or What Works & Why?

Introductory Video to Working Medicine

While it is common for us to speak to traditional, alternative, complementary, integrative, allopathic and/or biomedicine there is in fact only one medicine; the medicine that works. If it doesn’t work, it’s not medicine. However, meeting the demands of what works and what doesn’t work has created an enourmous tension between clinical medicine and evidence based medicine. Clinical medicine is the patients and their needs. It is intuitive, inductive, practical and personal. EBM is the medicine, which works with research and ‘evidence’ of efficacy, the proof of efficacy. It is deductive, reductionist and is often based upon double-blind RCTs.

Why is there this tension? Why can’t we do both? Is there really an insurmountable division in the practice of medicine? The truth is it is not a division between CAM practitioners and bio-medical practitioners but a misunderstanding between the art and the science of medicine.

This seminar uses a clinically based approach AND seeks out valid proof of efficacy. It is based upon my personal practice and my research, which supports the conclusions I make on a daily basis. I understand that medicine needs to be individualised but also needs to be conceptualised. Perhaps the interplay between yin/yang allows us to use both parts of our brain.

This seminar looks at how we can use evidence effectively and well as looking at those herbs and compounds that have research to prove efficacy. I will look at the common patterns, such as deficiency, qi stagnation and yin/yang distortions and try to match them to blood panels and other objective tests.

Working Medicine will help you be a better practitioner AND will help you be seen as a better and more knowledgeable practitioner.

April 20th (Seattle), 24th (San Francisco), May 4 (Santa Monica)

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